The Morning After: Blowing a Fuse

Remember that Team Jill vs. Team Bethenny scorecard? You might want to grab it, cross off Bethenny’s name, and replace it with Alex’s. What has gotten into that girl? In two words: Jill Zarin.

On Thursday night’s Real Housewives of NYC, Alex said it herself, it was a “series of explosions and reconciliations” with Jill. After taking on the dangerous roll of Bethenny’s messenger last week, things couldn’t be more tense between the two.

The air didn’t clear at LuAnn’s party at Sonia’s. Jill begrudgingly said hello to Alex, and then proceeded to give her the cold shoulder the rest of the night. Alex held her ground even when both LuAnn and Bobby pulled her aside to ask why she delivered such a cruel message to Jill in front of everyone. They both believed it was out of character for Alex because she is not a mean person. Or so they thought. Has her retaliation mission left her a changed housewife?

On her way into party number two of last week’s episode, Alex told Simon she didn’t want any more drama. And if it were up to her, there wouldn’t have been. It was Jill that set things off, saying hello and complimenting her ever so sweetly. Seeing right through her smile, Alex grabbed Simon and went home.

If it was not obvious that Alex was over Jill’s drama last week, this week she definitely made it clear. By party number three of the episode, a housewife get-together at Jennifer’s, Alex didn’t hesitate to once again call Jill out. It seems public display of detest is becoming one of Alex’s favorite pastimes.

So who takes the cake for most catfights this week? After three social events, each with their own drama, Jill and Alex are neck and neck (and at each other’s throats). But even putting Alex aside, Jill was in fine form criticizing Kelly’s use of the word “like,” accusing Ramona of not being a good friend, and openly asking about the attendance of other housewives at the party in order to talk about them behind their backs. It’s no wonder Alex has officially blown a fuse.


~ by bravotvfan on May 8, 2010.

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