NYC Prep Is A Total Bummer – Yesterday’s NYC Prep has put the nail in the coffin for me, the show is so incredibly staged and depressing that it’s almost unbearable. From watching the strange Harvard tour guide (why were they the only people on the tour? and why were they just at the entrance and not on the rest of campus?) to the forced conversation between Camille and Sebastian at the Pulse Art Fair, the show is a mess, no matter how many expensive coats and scarves you cover the kids in.
The worst was Cole, previously the only likable person the show, bringing his ex-girlfriend to meet up with Taylor and P.C. There’s only one reason a guy introduces his old girlfriend to his new girlfriend and I know this show isn’t about to enter the arena of making porn, so the whole thing was suspect.
The only authentic part of the show was Jessie and Kat treating the sunglasses store like it was their living room and talking about having to save PC. Jessie made a comment about how her family has always saved him, and she was very right to be suspicisious of the fabulousity crowd he was running with in the last episode (what inspired the ‘guests of a guest don’t bring guests!” show down). Jessie is spot on — 30 year olds hanging with 18 year olds, no matter how “mature” they might be, is never really a good sign.



~ by bravotvfan on August 6, 2009.

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