Top Design Season 3 Rumors

Some rumors have been circulating that Top Design will be returning for a 3rd Season this fall. These rumors are confirmed false. Due to the program’s poor ratings on Season 2, Bravo has pulled the plug… for good.


~ by bravotvfan on June 16, 2009.

7 Responses to “Top Design Season 3 Rumors”

  1. its my fav show…….

  2. Maybe if they had kept the format from season 1 it would have fared better. that chick that hosted season 2 was horrible. fix it and bring it back!

  3. The decision to axe Top Design s.x!!!

    This is a quality reality TV show on so many level!!

    Please bring this show back, Bravo… someone, anyone???

  4. The contestants on season 2 are overall more talented & created than the ones on season 1. The programs on season 2 are also more challenging and interesting (design a future house, design around a focal point,etc). I like pop designs too, but I feel the idea that the winner of pop design can win immunity is a bit unfair. It should be the winner of the assignment can win immunity (but not every assignment~otherwise the one who won the immunity won’t work as hard). Also, I prefer Todd Oldham as host. Look forward to watching Top Design Season 3!!

  5. please bring back this show! it is without any doubt the best interior design shows ever! the directions and challenges of this show are amazing. also this is the only interracial design show there!

  6. I have all the episodes from both the seasons. This show inspired me so much that i left my dentistry career and got myself into the interior design school. Just saw both the seasons again. Loved it even more. People did like the first season format but the second season was more detailed and oriented. Pop design idea was great. It moved from a closed space to actual practical world. I strongly believe it should be started again.

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