NYC Prep Cast Inspires Worry & Scorn

NYC Prep premieres next week and since the only other thing to watch on television right now is competitive dancing, everyone is eagerly awaiting the program’s debut. The show, which was inspired by The CW’s Gossip Girl, is yet another look at one of the most over represented groups of people on television: rich New Yorkers.

The Wall Street Journal sent some poor reporter to a sweet sixteen party at a karaoke bar that was full of other rich NYC kids, who naturally, didn’t have very nice things to say about the NYC Prep cast. They call the kids “delusional,” point out one of the cast members actually goes to school out on Long Island (the womanizing Sebastian) and that the whole show is “staged.” However, one of them is friends with Camille on Facebook, but that was far as the friendship went.

NYC Private Schools Blog (for parents of kids in prep school or who are applying to one of NYC’s private schools), put up their response, which was concern for the mental health of the cast members, who may not have known what they were truly signing up for when they decided to go on a reality show. While they may look and talk like they’re in their 30s, they’re not, and the effect of having your whole life exposed could end up backfiring, especially if they want to get into an Ivy League school.

Tisk, Tisk, Tisk. Your 2 cents below.NYCPrep-Cast


~ by bravotvfan on June 15, 2009.

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