The Truth Will Set You Free – An excerpt from Tamra Barney’s blog

“Okay so everyone is emailing me about the threesome comment, so I am going to laying it out there….well not literally. Yes, it was a comment that Gretchen made at my dinner party. As we all know everyone was drunk and some drunker then others. Gretchen wanted to drive home and no one would let her. Taking a cab was not an option since we were afraid she would pass out in the back and who knows what could have happened? And there was NO way we were letting Ryan take her home, as she requested. I asked her if she wanted to stay in Sidney’s room and her comment was, “Only if I could have a threesome with you and Simon.” Okay, I’m NO prude but I was a little offended that she would suggest that.. For the record she fell asleep face down on top of Sidney’s bed with the light on and was gone before I got up in the morning.”

“Well after numerous unanswered phone calls from Jay, I had Simon call him and ask, “Why do you keep calling my wife? If you have something to say call me.” It was only when they were fighting that he would call. He told Simon he was at Bass Lake and that Gretchen asked him to pick her up from our dinner party and gave him my address, gate information and specific details to what happened. Not sure why he never picked her up? Last year was so difficult for me to film, act like I didn’t know about this other man and watch her cry about Jeff. Often times it made me want to puke in my lap. So you can understand why I made sarcastic comments. All I could think was she was using this poor, sick man to get on TV.”

What do you think. Leave your 2 cents below.



~ by bravotvfan on June 12, 2009.

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